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Own specimen production

Freestanding laboratory

Accredited corrosion testing

Swedac accreditation

Our powerful Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Analysis of asbestos

Safe Control Material Technology is a freestanding laboratory with full Swedac accreditation, situated in Gothenburg. Our operation is built around five production units: Chemistry, Mechanical testing, the Engineering workshop, Metallography and Environment.

All units operate according to our high standards regarding quality and environment.

Environmental Analysis

There are many environmental and health hazardous substances in our environment.

We can help you analyze building materials, soil, land, water and air.

Environmental Engineering »

Extended accreditation

The laboratory extends it accreditation to include the test methods:

- Analysis of chemical composition on steel
- Asbestos analysis, qualitative

Accreditation »


During the ongoing pandemic we have no education. We will be returning with new dates when it becomes relevant again.

Please send an interest notification to anmalan@safecontrol.se.
Note: The educations are held in Swedish.