Corrosion testing

Chemists and metallographers test and document the corrosion resistance of different materials in our well-equipped laboratory. We perform standard and customised corrosion tests. We also perform investigations to determine and examine damage caused by corrosion to various components.

Corrosion tests are performed to ascertain whether the material meets the specified requirements, to verify a certificate and/or to compare the corrosion resistance of different materials when selecting materials for a specific application.

In corrosion testing, a material is subjected to an accelerated corrosion process in a specific environment under strictly controlled conditions. There are several methods for these tests, but the most popular are intergranular corrosion tests, which are used for austenitic stainless steels and nickel bases; and pitting corrosion/general corrosion tests for stainless steel.

Our Swedac accredited laboratory has recently extended its scope of accreditation to include the ASTM G48 Standard, methods A and C, as well as the ASTM A262 Standard, method E. Tests are performed according to European and International standards.

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We are accredited to perform tests according to:

EN ISO 3651-2
ASTM A262, Method E
ASTM G48, Method A | Method C
ISO 9400, Method B


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