Individual drinking water facilities - Wells

In Sweden more than a million permanent residents and about as many holiday living, drink water from private water sources, such as private wells. As a property owner/well owners are responsible for it to operate and manage the own well and is thus responsible for the water quality.

The Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) recommends one should control their drinking water at least every three years. Upon transfer of the property, it is important that they buyer sees that the well water is analyzed. In many cases, samples are taken only when one feels the taste changes, strange odor, or that the water has changed color. But there can be problem with the drinking water without noticing it.

The National Board (Socialstyrelsen) made a compilation of the 5.000 assay results in 2007 showed that only 20 % of the samples was fit for drinking. The worst results were in dug wells in which about 35 % were contaminated drinking water.

According to the Climate and Vulnerability investigation, the ongoing and future climate change in Sweden, among other things, cause problems with future water supply because the risk increases for the spread of infection and contamination of drinking water revenue. In a water analysis examines whether the water contains bacteria or other microorganisms and chemical properties of the water making it unsuitable for drinking.


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