Breakdown and damage examination

Injuries and fatalities may be due to fatigue, corrosion, defects, heat exposure, choice of material, environment and overload, to name a few. Safe Control has many years of experience and expertise related to the problems and damage that may be related to welding technical problems.

Our laboratory perform examinations in order to investigate the cause of damages in connection to failure. A part of the work is examining the obtained materials through ocular, macroscopic and microscopic examinations (through optic microscopes and in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) - a so called metallographic examination.

A basic definition of a damage or a breakdown is the ability of a component, machine or process to work in a correct and expected way. A breakdown and damage analysis can involve extensive examinations, which besides metallography also includes chemical analyses and mechanical testing. The purpose of all this is to find the cause of the incurred damage or failure and through this be able to recommend applicable measures to be taken and changes to be made.

Often a single cause is not the basis for a damage or failure, usually several factors comes into play. In some causes, the absence of one of the contributing factors have been enough to prevent a damage/breakdown. The important part during an investigation is to keep an open mind and not only focus on the most likely or most easily accessible cause (a silver bullet theory, if you will), since the cause can have many facets.

Below you find two documents showing the procedures and flowchart of a failure/breakdown analysis.

     Stages of a failure analysis (.pdf) »
     Timeline of an organized failure investigation (.pdf) »

Below you can read the reports on two projects where we have performed a failure and breakdown analysis.

     Furnace floor tube (.pdf) »
     Primary superheater tube (.pdf) »


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