Safe Control can offer an expanded and enhanced service offerings. Our laboratory may by scanning electron microscope greater flexibility and can perform more and better studies/analyzes for our customers.

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is used, among other things, to make enlarged images of small objects and particles. The advantage of a SEM is the opportunity to see on surfaces in high magnification, up to 300.000 times. Compared with an optical microscope one has a very large depth of field which is advantageously used for studies of e.g. fissure.

The larger the difference between the SEM and an optical microscope is an SEM uses electrons instead of light. With our instrument, assays can be performed in both the high and low vacuum. If the survey is performed in a high vacuum, the sample must be electrically conductive. In case the sample is not conductive, it may be coated with a conductive layer of gold alternatively carbon. In low vacuum, virtually all samples can be examined and analyzed.

Our SEM is also equipped with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS/EDX). It allows us to analyze the chemical composition of both quality and quantity on the surface of the area we are investigating, so called spot check. Examples of applications can be analyzed by a particle, coatings, corrosion product or asbestos fibers.

By means of line analysis we can detect variations of the chemical composition of a selected line which advantageously can be used to analyze the surface layer. We can also carry out a survey, called mapping, of the constituent elements and shows its distribution and concentration. The results of the above analyzes can be recognized as spectrum, in tabular form, graphically, and in image format.




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