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Children's Rights in Society

The goal of BRIS' (Children's Rights in Society) activities is to strengthen children's and young people's rights and improve their living conditions. This is done through the UN convention on children's rights as a benchmark and maintain opportunities for this target group to dialogue with adults.

In addition to support services for children and young BRIS also gives support and advice to adults on issues affecting children.


Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Your house is run on electricity from solar cells. There are fish in the oceans. You can take a walk in a lush forest. You can take your electric car to work. Or just eat a banana that is free from dangerous pesticides.

So reads SSNC's vision for 2040. We naturally support SSNC's work. We want to join the fight for a healthier world!

Water to billions

Water shortages is getting worse, production of nutrients get more difficult, increasing desertification, salinization of the soil and the rivers dry out.

We sponsor Watertobillions hoping to be able to help combat poverty, disease, and building long-term underwater structures.